Electric/ Battery Operated Forklift Rental

Sudhir Rental a leading name in providing Power Rental solutions, Aerial work platform has expanded its range in material handling equipments.

We provide Forklifts on rent for monthly and yearly basis.

Forklifts that are widely used in various industries like textile, warehouse, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, construction, beverages, automobile OEM

So, before delivering to our customers, our expert quality controllers thoroughly check all lifts on various parameters.

Ideal for lifting pallets and heavy loads, stacking in warehouses, loading and unloading trucks.

When you need to rent, rent the best – from the only one stop rental fleet in UAE.

Renting can be a great way to supplement your existing fleet if you’re expecting an increase in business activity or you need a piece of equipment outside of your normal specifications our quality and reputation for reliability make our forklifts ideal for rentals, short or long term.

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Aerial work platforms Rental : Revolutionising the construction industry

The construction industry in UAE has witnessed a robust growth in recent times.  The demand for speedier work without compromise in safety has stirred a huge demand for appropriate devices to work at height  and material handling solutions.

After the transition from scaffolding or other similar methods  to Aerial Work Platforms rental,  the construction industry has been able to keep pace with tougher deadlines and faster completion schedules.

Aerial work platforms (AWP rental), also known as Powered access are safest and best suited for the construction industry.  When AWPs entered the market initially, the costs were difficult for the construction industry to absorb.  Over a period of time, however, these were affordable thanks to their availability on a short term or long term rental basis.

Today, almost every industry is seen using these rental lifts, particularly the industrial construction segment has witnessed a increased utilization of  AWP lifts.  AWPs have a clear advantage over other types of access devices or equipments in India as well in saudi arabia.  For one ,  they are built to provide a safe working platform for the persons /labor while working at height.   Reaching the height quickly is possible with these machines without much effort or strain for the workers.  This increases the productivity and project deadlines become realistically possible to achieve.  The ease and convenience of use of these machines make it possible for the workers to manoeuvre deftly, because all the controls are provided in the platform itself , they can  drive over any kind of terrain, raise / lower and position themselves at the required location.   These machines are equipped with turntable rotation and platform rotation as well,

How to select equipment for your work

Consideration in selecting the right aerial equipment for your task

Before you get started, it’s essential you make sure you have the right training to work safely and legally.

  • Height & Outreach – Do I need to reach a height straight up or do I need to reach up and then over?
  • For vertical access, scissor lifts may be best. When working over racking and shelving, mast booms are ideal. When working over obstacles, articulated booms provide a versatile solution.
  • Environment – Will I be working indoors or outdoors?
  • Use a zero emission electric machine indoors, and in general a diesel machine outdoors. For versatility, consider a dual fuel unit.
  • Terrain – What are the ground conditions I’ll be working on?
  • If you’re working indoors, consider non-marking tyres. On rough terrain select a four wheel drive option and select outriggers on sloping ground.
  • Access – Are there any access restrictions to entering the working environment?
  • Do machines have to pass through doorways and lift shafts? Does the site have plant weight restrictions?
  • Working height – How far up and how far out do I need to reach?
  • Always check the working envelope diagrams to ensure the outreach required can be achieved at the height(s) you need to carry out your task. Also consider that maximum working heights are assumed as 2m above the platform height (feet level).
  • Hire duration – How long do I need a machine for?
  • We offer machine hires from one day to many years, as well as equipment for outright purchase.

Al Maktoum Stadium chosen Sudhir access Equipment on Rent for stadium renovation

Boom lift on Rent for Renovation

Here is our 43m boom lift at work at the Al Maktoum Stadium supporting with the stadium renovation. Our super tall boom lift with 4-wheel drive option is ideal for all kinds of outdoor work including but not limited to construction, civil engineering, steel erection, industrial maintenance, etc.

This 30+mtr above the ground boom lift on rent, Forcing the new to match the old. always an honor to be an part of the big things continuing to happen at dubai’s Al Maktoum stadium.

The current Al Maktoum Stadium”s shade will be replaced by two new shades of four lanes each. The new bridge will be 500 feet high, 1,300-feet-long and have a total of 128 stay cables, making the bridge the sixth-longest main span in the nation and the second-biggest in Dubai.

Sudhir rentals provide boom lift hire services from all emirates of united arab to saudi arabia as well.

JLG 1200SJP Ultra Boom Lift

Platform Height:  121 ft

Platform Capacity – Restricted: 992 lb

Horizontal Outreach: 75 ft

Platform Capacity – Unrestricted : 507 lb

JLG 660SJ Telescopic Crawler Boom Lift

Our customer needed a manlift on rental in dubai that could easily lift their operators and the tools required to complete the general Building Maintenance and construction on this local site and what better machine to send than the JLG 660SJ. This machine has a platform capacity of 230 kg, and can reach the full working height in just 65 seconds making it the perfect choice for this type of application! read more 📞To hire , please call us on 800 – 783447 📞 or visit

Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 19.99 m / 65.6 ft
  • Horizontal Outreach: 17.39 m / 57.1 ft
  • Platform Capacity – Restricted: 340 kg / 749.6 lb
  • Platform Capacity – Unrestricted: 250 kg / 551.2 lb

Key Features

  • For your toughest jobs and terrains, the 600 Crawler Series provides the mobility you need
  • Single drive / steer joystick for one-handed operation
  • Zero turning radius to get around the jobsite easier

How Power Rental Can Make or Break Your Construction Project

How Do You Get power Into the Site?

Electricity on a jobsite can come from diesel generators (or temporary power stations created by multimegawatt generators) or from a permanent utility power source – either you can purchase or rent a generator, or like the temporary pole connected to the existing utility or from an existing facility’s main distribution panel.

This is only the beginning of the story, though. As we’ll see in a moment, you need to take extreme care in calculating demand, designing generator specs, power access points and distribution setup.

Planning for Generator Rental

Before you start, you need to get a clear idea of exactly what kinds of equipment you’ll be using that need temporary power and the power loads they require. If you’re working with contractors, you need to get their input here.

These estimated power loads will help you measure the size of diesel generators or the capacity of the temporary power you need.

Perfecting the temporary generator power and electrical distribution setup on your construction jobsite is both complex and incredibly important. Don’t shrug it off and presume it will work out just fine – the risks to your team and to the success of your project are far too great for that!

Why Is it So Important to Get Right Generator rental power?

Nothing happens without electricity. Not construction work, not maintenance, even not any task in manufacturing industry – nothing. If you don’t set up your backup power properly, you won’t have access to the electricity needed to get the work done on time. You may lose power in the middle of vital task. You may experience equipment failures.

Any of these outcomes will play destruction with your construction schedule and may push you over budget. Some of these problems could take days or even weeks to fix or require you to bring in emergency power sources that cost more than if you’d planned ahead.

if you don’t take care to set this up properly, you could put labors at risk of harm. It’s absolutely necessary that you don’t let things get to that point.

Without safe, reliable backup rental power at your jobsite, your construction project is seriously threatened from the start. You need electricity to power your job trailers, ma chines, lifts, elevators, lighting, distribution tools and everything in between. It makes every stage in the building process possible.

But how do you design generator rental power effectively for a temporary project site? What sources of power should you use? And how do you make sure it’s safe?

Contact sudhir rentals for your hassle free temporary power requirement, visit : 
https://www.sudhirrentals.ae/ or call : 800 – 783447 

We supply a wide range of generator on rent from 20 KVA to 2000 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client needs and its wide distribution network

Boom lifts are an important component of the proper deployment and completion of many construction projects. However, given the size, scale, and structure of this type of equipment, they can also pose substantial risk and have the potential to cause serious injury if effective safety measures are not followed. These safety tips are important to consider and implement when operating boom lifts and can help prevent injuries, accidents, damage and liability concerns.

Safety Value Chain

At Sudhir rentals, we belive in helping our customers to ensure they achieve maximum benefit from their use of powered access equipments. we call this safety value chain

The complete approach to saf and effective working at height has been designed to help your bussiness achieve best practice on every site, project, and task.

Some points that descrie our unique safety value chain

  • operator safety
  • Preventing unauthorised use
  • controlling material at height
  • Maintenance and inspection process
  • Trainning Sessions

How do you know when you are suing the most appropriate machine for your job?

  • be aware of the requirement for working at height
  • be able to select the right boom lift for the application
  • Be aware of safe system of work
  • understand boom lift working condition and environment
  • Be able to prevent unauthorized use’
  • Be aware of all boom lift work at height activities
  • understand the need and requirement for daily inspection
  • be aware of hr requirement for emergency and rescue plants

various causes of Power failure


Though these causes are uncertain the best way to tackle sudden power failures is to install a genset or rent a generator.


Blackout refers to a total loss of electrical power in a given geographical area.

Brownouts: A brownouts refers to a sudden drop of the power supply

Short Circuit : Short Circuit occurs when electric current travels along in unintended path in an electric circuit.

Electrical Treeing : Its caused due to mechanical defect which affects high power installation like transformers and high voltage power cables. is undetected, it can eventually leads to complete power breakdown.

Weather Conditions : Lightening, wind, snow, rain, thunderstorm and even dust are the natural phenomenon that can cause power failure.

Power Surge : Occurs when the flow of electricity is uninterrupted which can cause damage of expensive household consumer appliances or electrical instruments.

These causes are uncertain , the best way to tackle sudden power failure is to install DG sets or Hire generator power.
Sudhir rentals offers power Contingency Plans that supply rental backup power in an emergency, Seasonal Power practices for recurring power needs, and Rental Reservation Agreements (RRA) for companies that don’t want to spend the high capital income on electricity needs, also in critical applications, but without the space for a permanent backup power system

Latest additions has been added to our growing fleet of Rental Equipment

slab scissor lift on rental

Slab Scissor LIft

Some of the latest additions has been added to our growing fleet of rental equipment at Sudhir Rentals. JLG-3246ES, JLG-E45AJ, 520AJ, Genie GS-2046 & Genie GS-5390 RT and more

We provide Cherry Picker, Boom – Lift / Man – Lift, Scissor Lift, included slab scissor lift, rough terrain scissor lift and diesel operated Scissor Lift, Truck Mounted Boom Lift, Aerial Work Platforms, Aerial access Platforms, Spider Lift with ranging height from 15 Meters to 68 Meters height as per client’s requirement.

Did you know that Sudhri Rentals has its own service department which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specialized factory-trained service technicians and service vans allow us to perform repairs and maintenance with ease and efficiency, minimizing valuable downtime.

We provide Articulated Boom lift &  Cherry Picker on hire / rent in India is essentially aerial work platforms with a hydraulic lift system and a platform. which are with working heights upto 145 mtrs and can help to suit your application.

We provide Scissor Lift on hire / rent in India is broadly used as car lifts, dock lifts, painting booth add-ons and freight lifts in a number of industries.
The Scissor Lift is manufactured by best-in-grade JLG and Genie and high-tech infrastructure.

Sudhir Rentals invested in spider lifts for UAE Customers

The UAE’s largest leading equipment rental provider, Sudhir Rentals, has invested in a brand new fleet of ‘spider lifts’ for customers based in the UAE.

Getting the right aerial lift for your rental needs can be tricky. Spider lifts are Lightweighted, compact, low-emissions, Now Sudhir rentals offering  spider lift on rental in Dubai, Sharjah, abudhabi , even covers whole UAE

The lightweight fleet of spider lifts  cover a range from 11m to 26m and Compact Crawler Boomlifts that Fits on a trailer or tilt-back truck (low weight, good gradeability, compact) , These Lifts are Environmentally friendly: Dual power onboard— diesel or electric engine, spider lifts also  accompanied by electric AC motor are standard to reduce noise and emissions in public spaces. are equipped with tracks and battery engines making them ideal for all types of indoor work. The products, from largest lift manufacturers JLG , offer exceptional working envelopes and platform capacities which combined with their low floor loading and compact size, means they are uniquely positioned to undertake a wide range of work impossible for other conventional MEWP lifts.

The Lightweight lifts can set up on sensitive flooring and landscaping This lifts boast low emissions as well as the latest safety features, making these products perfect for supporting the most sensitive work at height projects, like those inside airports, stations, malls, exhibition centres and hotels.

Renting a crawler boom lift or aerial lift equipment can make your job significantly easier. Whether you need an elevated work platform or the ability to reach a tall workspace, there’s an aerial lift that’s designed for the job.

Spider lift rental are available to hire from August in UAE, and serve all the industries , best for office spaces, hotels, internal building maintenance, oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing companies, large format retail stores and many more

Why spider-lifts?
Getting the right aerial lift for your needs can be tricky. Spider lifts are Lightweighted, compact, low-emissions. Spider-lifts are defining examples of the most advanced access platforms available in the market.

The key advantage of a spider-lift is its ability to access and work in areas that cannot be reached with a typical MEWP. The units are specially designed to offer following capabilities;

  • access through restricted areas (doors, staircases)
  • travel and operate on low-weight bearing floors (mezzanines, finished flooring, turf)
  • work in indoor spaces, with the use of their low-emission engines
  • set-up and operation on a gradient, with outrigger legs to stabilise and level the machine
  • comprehensive and flexible working envelope, providing great up-an-over capabilities
  • large basket capacity, with safe working load allowing 2 operators plus tools