Boom lifts are an important component of the proper deployment and completion of many construction projects. However, given the size, scale, and structure of this type of equipment, they can also pose substantial risk and have the potential to cause serious injury if effective safety measures are not followed. These safety tips are important to consider and implement when operating boom lifts and can help prevent injuries, accidents, damage and liability concerns.

Safety Value Chain

At Sudhir rentals, we belive in helping our customers to ensure they achieve maximum benefit from their use of powered access equipments. we call this safety value chain

The complete approach to saf and effective working at height has been designed to help your bussiness achieve best practice on every site, project, and task.

Some points that descrie our unique safety value chain

  • operator safety
  • Preventing unauthorised use
  • controlling material at height
  • Maintenance and inspection process
  • Trainning Sessions

How do you know when you are suing the most appropriate machine for your job?

  • be aware of the requirement for working at height
  • be able to select the right boom lift for the application
  • Be aware of safe system of work
  • understand boom lift working condition and environment
  • Be able to prevent unauthorized use’
  • Be aware of all boom lift work at height activities
  • understand the need and requirement for daily inspection
  • be aware of hr requirement for emergency and rescue plants
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