Large Generators for Hire


Are you looking for a large generator rental? You’ve come to the right place.

Our large generators for rent can be run in parallel with multiple diesel generators. This is perfect for large scale projects proving the necessary larger loads that many projects require. Combining multiple units will add flexibility to your power supply and save costs. We can supply our generator rentals to you at any time – 24 hours, 7 days a week.


  • Commercial Generator Equipment Rental

    We have a comprehensive range from 400kVA- 500kva of generators that are perfect for commercial use. We make sure all of our hire genset equipment is maintained according to the standards so that every customer can enjoy safe use.  When all cost factors like initial purchase, fuel, lube oil, maintenance etc. are considered, the bottom line will show that this genset will deliver the lowest life cycle cost.

  • DG Set Rental Dubai

    500 kVA enclosures are designed so as to have optimum performance and serviceability over the complete operating range. The enclosures are compact with integral fuel tank and are designed for ease in maintenance. The powder coated enclosures are manufactured on latest CNC machines to ensure superior finish and durability.

  • Industrial Generator Hire

    Most industrial companies only need a generator for specific time. There’s no point having a large generator taking up space if you’re not going to use it. You can save purchase costs and reduce unnecessary waste of space by renting

    Industrial generators on Hire provide you with an uninterrupted power supply round the clock. We provide industrial generators on hire in Dubai, Fujairah-Masaf, Sharjah Saif Zone

  • – PT fuel pump
    – Electrical Step Timing Control (ESTC) injector
    – Holset turbocharger, pulse tuned exhaust manifold, stainless steel exhaust flexible connection
    – Radiator or heat exchanger, coolant inhibitor, Low Temperature After cooling (LTA)
    – Plate type lube oil cooler
    – Spin-on filters – fuel, lube oil and by-pass
    – Dry type replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator