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Forklifts are used every day all over the world to move material and keep supply chains up and running. Nearly everything you see has come into contact with a forklift at some point along the way. The need to move things all over the country for which forklift can be used.

Sudhir Rentals provide fleet of 40+ units, ranging from 1 to 10 tons, work across the UAE and Saudi Arabia in industries spanning everything from Defense to Oil & Gas, automobile and retail warehouses. All our forklift rental units have Load Test Certificates and the necessary statutory and regulatory compliance. And all our forklift and AWP lifts are manned by experienced Safety Trained operators.

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Forklift Rental in Abu dhabi and Dubai

Diesel ForkliftElectric Forklift Reach Truck
(max lifting height 12 m)
Toyota 3 Ton Toyota 1.6 Ton Toyota 1.4 Ton
Toyota 5 Ton Toyota 1.8 Ton Toyota 1.6 Ton
Toyota 7 Ton Toyota 2.0 Ton Toyota 2.0 Ton
Toyota 10 Ton Toyota 2.5 Ton
Toyota 3 Ton

Some of the question comes in mind when you require the forklift for material lifting, that you should know.

1.Who can operate a forklift

Only trained, qualified operators should ever operate a forklift.

2. The difference between forklifts and cars

Forklifts are different from automobiles. While at first glance it may not seem to be the case, a forklift weighs much more than a car or truck. The steer wheels are in the back meaning they steer differently. And there are occasionally uneven surfaces that might be encountered

Toyota IC Engine Forklift

Toyota 8FD/8FG Series IC Engine Forklift

Low and slow. Anytime you’re moving, keep your forks no more than six inches off the ground and move slowly through the warehouse. Be careful not to drag your forks on the ground, however, because that can shorten the lifespan of your forks.

Carefully maintain your forks. Make it a habit to check your forks every during every inspection and maintenance cycle, as designated in your operator’s manual. If your forks appear to be bent, it’s time to replace them.

Stick with your load capacity. Don’t ever try to push your load capacity. Remember, your forks are only made to lift as much as your forklift says they are and trying to lift more could result in dropping a load.

Only use your forks to lift. Your forks are made to lift and that’s it, so don’t try to push things or pry things open with them. Using your forks irresponsibly could cause damage making them vulnerable to dropping loads.

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