Mining Industry 

Our Experienced & Highly qualified team of engineers & experts will assist you with all your power Generation & power distribution, Generator rental needs at site from the initial design stage to successful completion of events.

Unexpected power failure can happen anytime, anywhere in construction and mining sites. With one phone call, you can reach us during an outage and we will provide reliable emergency rental or generator backup power to help you get your business back up and running quickly.

We provide Rental Power Solutions to the construction and mining industry, including:

  • Construction site power and power distribution
  • Construction site dehumidification, cooling and heating
  • Model home power
  • Crane, tool and welding power
  • Accelerated concrete drying
  • Concrete cooling during mixing to expand delivery window
  • Power and de-humidification for disaster recovery following storms or floods


  • Relatively small number of very large loads – mining machines
  • Largest machines generally electrically powered
  • Very small % of general loads (camp, canteen, administration, township) in the total load
  • No ‘natural’ load growth
  • Step load changes due to mine expansions
  • Remote locations, impact of climate and wildlife
  • 24 hours’ operation – ‘flat’ load profile

Regardless of the industry, our generator rentals boost productivity and profits. We have the experience to meet the most intricate of setups and the most expansive power requirements. Whether your need is scheduled or unplanned, rent with us to keep your power reliable.

Rental Equipment Offerings

We’re your single source for emergency power systems and equipment, including:

  • Generator rentals
  • Load banks
  • Transformers
  • Distribution panels