Latest Technology And Unmatched Performance

  • 60 kVA -125kva Canopied Genset rugged engine and world class alternator powered diesel generator set
  • Advanced in-cylinder technology to meet latest emission norms without any after-treatment device
  • Best in class transient response with 100% block loading capacity
  • Smart aesthetic and superior finish
  • Compact in size with optimum power to weight ratio

Environment Friendly Power

  • 125kva Class defining technology engine is designed to meet stringent exhaust emission tests as per revised MoEF norms, thus offering environment friendly power.
  • 125kva generator sets are available with the lowest noise levels in its range

Lowest Operating Cost

  • 125kva Genset Highly reliable and durable product
  • All elements are designed to work together to maximize efficiency even at part loads, offering the advantage of lowest operating costs.

Single Source Power Assurance

  • Best and Largest customer support network , capable of providing round-the-clock service and spares support
  • All these things put together, offers you SINGLE SOURCE POWER ASSURANCE

Our flexible approach to the customers represents our values. Our generator rental enable us to serve multiple industries in United Arab Emirates. Including diesel generator rental services. Sudhir Equipment Rental Company is one of the best Generator rental companies in Dubai.

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