We provide on-demand rental power in any operation environments whether for any individual, private companies, business or national utilities, we ensures stability and effective emergency response to prevent expensive downtime.

We offer flexible multi megawatt generators on hire to help manage emergency power needs in sectors such as offshore and mining. Depending on the situation, you can either step up or step down the supply for efficient fuel management. Our continuous duty generators are installed by expert technicians and dedicated site engineers.



From peak shaving that reduces costs during high demand to base load megawatt power for public utilities, Sudhir Rentals meets all power plant needs worldwide, anywhere, anytime. With over 10 years of proven customer support, clients are assured of efficient power solutions based on highly reliable equipment.

We provide engineered solutions and complete turnkey services for your project, including:

        • Generator rentals
        • Site Inspection
        • Project sizing and layout planning
        • On-time pickup and delivery
        • Execution & Commissioning
        • Remote solutions to support power grids
        • Highly trained technicians
        • 24/7 support and emergency response
        • Maintenance of LV as well as HV projects.

We delivers, installs, operates and manages multi-megawatt rental power project sites anywhere in the world, which include dedicated service teams to plan multi megawatt projects.

Sudhir Rentals offers a wide range of generator rentals and equipment including fuel tanks, load banks, transformers, distribution panels and cables, AWP lifts  to complete custom installations. Ranging from 20 kVA to 2,000 kVA, our silent diesel  generator operate at peak performance to meet your temporary power needs.

Regardless of the industry, our generator rentals boost productivity and profits. We have the experience to meet the most intricate of setups and the most expansive power requirements. Whether your need is scheduled or unplanned, rent with us to keep your power reliable.