various causes of Power failure


Though these causes are uncertain the best way to tackle sudden power failures is to install a genset or rent a generator.


Blackout refers to a total loss of electrical power in a given geographical area.

Brownouts: A brownouts refers to a sudden drop of the power supply

Short Circuit : Short Circuit occurs when electric current travels along in unintended path in an electric circuit.

Electrical Treeing : Its caused due to mechanical defect which affects high power installation like transformers and high voltage power cables. is undetected, it can eventually leads to complete power breakdown.

Weather Conditions : Lightening, wind, snow, rain, thunderstorm and even dust are the natural phenomenon that can cause power failure.

Power Surge : Occurs when the flow of electricity is uninterrupted which can cause damage of expensive household consumer appliances or electrical instruments.

These causes are uncertain , the best way to tackle sudden power failure is to install DG sets or Hire generator power.
Sudhir rentals offers power Contingency Plans that supply rental backup power in an emergency, Seasonal Power practices for recurring power needs, and Rental Reservation Agreements (RRA) for companies that don’t want to spend the high capital income on electricity needs, also in critical applications, but without the space for a permanent backup power system

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