How Power Rental Can Make or Break Your Construction Project

How Do You Get power Into the Site?

Electricity on a jobsite can come from diesel generators (or temporary power stations created by multimegawatt generators) or from a permanent utility power source – either you can purchase or rent a generator, or like the temporary pole connected to the existing utility or from an existing facility’s main distribution panel.

This is only the beginning of the story, though. As we’ll see in a moment, you need to take extreme care in calculating demand, designing generator specs, power access points and distribution setup.

Planning for Generator Rental

Before you start, you need to get a clear idea of exactly what kinds of equipment you’ll be using that need temporary power and the power loads they require. If you’re working with contractors, you need to get their input here.

These estimated power loads will help you measure the size of diesel generators or the capacity of the temporary power you need.

Perfecting the temporary generator power and electrical distribution setup on your construction jobsite is both complex and incredibly important. Don’t shrug it off and presume it will work out just fine – the risks to your team and to the success of your project are far too great for that!

Why Is it So Important to Get Right Generator rental power?

Nothing happens without electricity. Not construction work, not maintenance, even not any task in manufacturing industry – nothing. If you don’t set up your backup power properly, you won’t have access to the electricity needed to get the work done on time. You may lose power in the middle of vital task. You may experience equipment failures.

Any of these outcomes will play destruction with your construction schedule and may push you over budget. Some of these problems could take days or even weeks to fix or require you to bring in emergency power sources that cost more than if you’d planned ahead.

if you don’t take care to set this up properly, you could put labors at risk of harm. It’s absolutely necessary that you don’t let things get to that point.

Without safe, reliable backup rental power at your jobsite, your construction project is seriously threatened from the start. You need electricity to power your job trailers, ma chines, lifts, elevators, lighting, distribution tools and everything in between. It makes every stage in the building process possible.

But how do you design generator rental power effectively for a temporary project site? What sources of power should you use? And how do you make sure it’s safe?

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