How to select equipment for your work

Consideration in selecting the right aerial equipment for your task

Before you get started, it’s essential you make sure you have the right training to work safely and legally.

  • Height & Outreach – Do I need to reach a height straight up or do I need to reach up and then over?
  • For vertical access, scissor lifts may be best. When working over racking and shelving, mast booms are ideal. When working over obstacles, articulated booms provide a versatile solution.
  • Environment – Will I be working indoors or outdoors?
  • Use a zero emission electric machine indoors, and in general a diesel machine outdoors. For versatility, consider a dual fuel unit.
  • Terrain – What are the ground conditions I’ll be working on?
  • If you’re working indoors, consider non-marking tyres. On rough terrain select a four wheel drive option and select outriggers on sloping ground.
  • Access – Are there any access restrictions to entering the working environment?
  • Do machines have to pass through doorways and lift shafts? Does the site have plant weight restrictions?
  • Working height – How far up and how far out do I need to reach?
  • Always check the working envelope diagrams to ensure the outreach required can be achieved at the height(s) you need to carry out your task. Also consider that maximum working heights are assumed as 2m above the platform height (feet level).
  • Hire duration – How long do I need a machine for?
  • We offer machine hires from one day to many years, as well as equipment for outright purchase.
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